2023 | Town Highlight

Town of Langford, South Dakota

Langford is located in Marshall County, in the northeast corner of South Dakota and was established in 1886.  In 1923, a power line from Aberdeen sourced electricity to Langford for the first time.  Today, Langford still owns and sells their own electricity.  In 1938, Langford completed a water system project, which included a water tower that had the capacity to hold 30,000 gallons and supplied water to all residents.  Although the original water tower was replaced in 2020, the Town of Langford kept the water tower, installed an overhead door, and currently uses it for cold storage.  In 1956, sewer services were brought to Langford and made available to all residents.

The Town of Langford values the current and returning families.  In the last five years, Langford has invested in electric, sewer, and water projects and upgrades.  The electric project brought in new meters to all customers, new electric poles, and miscellaneous system maintenance items.  The water project consisted of multiple upgrades to the water system and a new water tower.

The residents of Langford are small-town proud and honor their well-kept town, which supports both an elementary and high school, post office, bank, hair salon, insurance agency, agricultural cooperative, lumber yard, auto repair shop, convenience store, daycare, boarding house, hunting/fishing guide service, and town-funded public library.

In addition to the thriving businesses in town, Langford also offers two town-owned parks – The Silver Park and The Park of the Pines – two camping spots with electrical capabilities, and a large, fenced off basketball court with LED lights.  The Town has supplied children’s toys at the basketball court – free to use by anyone!

For the Town of Langford and surrounding communities within a 40-mile radius, the education of our children is a top priority.  The Langford Public School is comprised of grades pre-kindergarten through 12th grade and includes a local Hutterite colony.  The current enrollment number, including the Hutterite colony, is 232.  The Langford School, and their staff of 43 individuals, recognizes the importance of small classroom sizes and the one-on-one attention children need to thrive.  In recent years, the school invested in and constructed a new gym and music room.  Most recently, in the 2022-23 school year, Langford School brought back the FFA program to high school students.

Every third-weekend in July, local community members host the annual Langford Summer Fest.  This fun-packed weekend generally includes a block party, 5K color run/walk, town-wide rummage sales, miscellaneous kids’ activities, LHS alumni party, community church service, and a car show at The Park of the Pines.  Be sure to join us for the biggest little party in northeast South Dakota!

The Langford Board of Trustees consists of committed Board Members who work diligently to keep Langford thriving.  Board President, Orrie Jesz, has served for 9 years; Trustee, Todd Sell, has served for 14 years; and Trustee Jordan Hupke has served for 6 years.

The Town of Langford also employes a finance officer, Kaitie Stiegelmeier; two utility/maintenance personnel, Sean Kramer and Mitchell Wieser; and a librarian, Nicole Hoines.  Three of the Town’s employees graduated together from Langford High School – Class of 2013.  Go LHS Lions!

Pictured left to right:

Class of 2013 LHS Graduates & Current Town Employees – Sean Kramer, Maintenance Manager; Kaitie Stiegelmeier, Finance Officer; and Mitchell Wieser, Maintenance Assistant Manager.

This article was written as a feature column in the South Dakota Municipalities magazine. Submitted by Kaitie Stiegelmeier, Finance Officer.