Garbage, Recycling and Rubble Site

Rubble Site Rules

We follow the rules set down by the Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources.

Acceptable: trees, branches, tumbleweeds, scrap lumber and wood products that are not painted, unfinished and untreated. That’s it!!!
Not Acceptable: particle board, plywood, OSB, chipboard or any artificial or glued pressboard wood products, cardboard, scrap paper, household debris, plastic jugs, glass, etc.

Acceptable: Metal Appliances, scrap metal and pressurized vessels (must be decommissioned first)
Not Acceptable: plastic appliances
Any appliances containing Freon must have Freon removed prior to placing at site.

Acceptable: grass clippings and yard waste, but must be removed from containers or plastic bags.
Not Acceptable: tumbleweeds and branches

Acceptable: plastic appliances, dried paint, furniture, mattresses, particle board, plywood, OSB, chipboard or any artificial or glued pressboard wood products, etc. and carpet can be put in or near it.
Not Acceptable: shingles, tires, waste oil, garbage
NOTE: If you are doing a large project or remodeling, please do not fill our dumpster. Contact Lehr’s at (605) 228-7300 to obtain a dumpster for your use.

Tires, batteries, waste oil, asphalt shingles or paint that has not been completely dried out, pressurized vessels (unless decommissioned).

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm
Residents Only
Violations will not be tolerated.


Sean Kramer
Utilities Manager
Office: 605-493-6457
Emergency: 605-470-0365

Josh Helland
Assistant Utilities Manager
Office: 605-493-6457
Emergency: 605-419-2114

Shriner Can Bank

Located across from the city dumpsters. Accepts aluminum cans. Used car and lawn mower batteries are accepted, please place on the pallet beside the can bank.

Garbage Pickup

Please place bagged garbage by the street by 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday mornings for pickup.