Mosquito season will be upon us before we know it. Many residents will start to notice large mosquitoes as the days and evenings start to warm up. Get ready for a massive flush as soon as the weather warms up. While the City crew will be out checking the water ponds for newly hatched wrigglers and applying larvicide to prevent the larvae from becoming flying mosquitoes, everyone can help with the control measures.

  • Check your yard for standing water.
  • Pour out that coffee can, unused snow sled, wheelbarrow, any container holding water. If the water can not be eliminated, come to the City Shop to get some BTI Dunks. They are free and will last for up to 30 days or until the water dries up. The Dunks are completely safe for all birds, pets, etc., they only prevent the wrigglers in the water from becoming flying mosquitoes.
  • Another area you can help with is to keep your yard trimmed up, brush removed and use a barrier type spray such as Tempo, Talstar, or Demon. These insecticides are available from our local dealers at a nominal cost. While these sprays are quite safe and easy to use and have a residual effect, they to need to be reapplied after each rain. Please read the label to become familiar with the application rates and any cautionary statements. The use of a separate 2-3 gal sprayer for mosquito control is advised so as not to use a sprayer containing left over weed killer on your lilacs or flower garden.

This is a community wide effort to reduce our mosquito problem. We’re all in this together to prevent the spread of the West Nile Virus.